With award-winning Peak Performance Coach Margaret “Magi” Graziano, discover how you can unleash your unique leadership presence, experience more energy, vitality, and joy, and be the change you want to see in your workplace and community in...​

Ignite Your Power 2024: A 4-Day Leadership Retreat

It’s your turn to join us on January 18th to the 21st, 2024 in Westerbeke Ranch, Sonoma!

This is an all inclusive retreat that includes your lodging, materials, training, & three delicious meals a day!

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Thousands of people have re-ignited their leadership flame and found passion, purpose, and peace.

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In todays rapid fire world, It’s no wonder so many peak performing leaders are burned out, exhausted, frazzled and frayed... the time is NOW for leaders committed to being advocated and influencers of positive change to double down on developing the leader within. Ignite Your Power is the right immersion program for any female leader committed to being a positive influencer of change.



“The event was life-changing! Margaret and the team, I want to thank you for that. I found a piece of me that was very deep and holding me back. I came away with more confidence, self-knowledge, and self-love. I encourage anyone to sign up to spend time with Margaret and her team of Keenalignment. Bring your open mind and be ready to be transformed– you won’t be disappointed!”

~ Kathleen Dammann


All these and more are possible when you join us in the leadership retreat...

How do you picture yourself?

Experience more energy, vitality, and joy

Create peace of mind in any circumstance

Be the kind of leader people want to be around

Attain the ultimate agility in leadership

Do what is called for at the right time

What Is Ignite Your Power 2024?

We are facing unprecedented change, in our workplaces, in our homes and in society,

Let’s face it, with the constant barrage of disheartening news, global completion, the acceleration of technology, chaos and confusion on the political scene, systemic mistrust in organizations and society — it’s no wonder there is so much drama, chaos and confusion in many of todays’ successful organizations.

Organizations focused on market leadership are declaring a “call to arms” for inspiring agents of change to lead and navigate people through massive organizational change efforts.

Leaders who master the art of change management and people empowerment will be especially equipped to catalyze change and evolution inside Today’s leading organizations.

The lean and agile organization of the future requires that every member of the human system be responsible to do their part in cultivating a healthy, drama free, intentional and high performance workplace.

Ignite Your Power focuses on tapping into your Leader within, cultivating your authentic self expression and turning on ‘all your right’ leadership super powers.

When you fully experience agency and autonomy in your leadership; you naturally elevate your individual contribution as well as drastically improve your ability to mobilize teams to accomplish the extraordinary.

Whether you’re looking to hone your leadership skills, improve company culture, increase your company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, or achieve personal goals, Ignite Your Power positions you for success.

Ignite Your Power is about mastery and becoming a student of the game of life. It’s about fully engaging in the distinction of neuroscience and the 7 levels of personal, group, and organizational effectiveness in a way that gives you access to your highest levels of genius.

Furthermore, Ignite Your Power is about looking inside and compassionately getting real about what limits you and where you go off track and about diligently practicing how to get back in alignment sooner rather than later.

You gain knowledge and experience in understanding and applying neuroscience to maximize your effectiveness in every area of your life. You learn more deeply about the power of consciousness, being grounded, and tapping into your intuition to guide your actions.

In this transformational, immersive 4-day retreat, you will be working in the stretch zone! You will move beyond your normal, habitual, comfortable patterns and breakthrough barriers of self expression, relationships, and influence.

You will be guided to look at what’s important to you and develop a framework for living powerfully through a series of inquiries and conversations.

Ignite Your Power is specifically designed for female leaders who are open and committed to being the change they want to see in their workplace and their community.

It’s for women who want to experience agency, autonomy, and joy in their work life, how they lead, and how they live their life. This program is for those who want to be the master of their domain and intentionally chart the course of their destiny.

When you join us, you learn:

You are provided with personal empowerment tools that enable you to show up and be the person you want to be anytime, anywhere. So that you’ll walk away with:

Ignite Your Power gives you 6 months of personal empowerment coaching and training in 4 days.

Each day is action-packed with learning, exercises, and group activities to deepen your learning and give you the momentum you need to realize and materialize your hopes and dreams.

Participants of this event leave re-energized, inspired, and equipped with tools for living each day with more energy, joy, and vitality.

Ignite Your Power helps leaders gain clarity of goals, achieve better work-life balance, and live a life of purpose


“Ignite Power: Leadership Retreat was more than I could have ever imagined. It covered leadership in a way that I hadn't experienced before and in a way that I found really impactful, deep, meaningful, and something that I'll carry with me going forward for the rest of my life.”

~ Jennifer Roback

Day 1 - Focus on Fulfillment January 18, 2024

Value: $2,497

During Day 1, we will explore how to live and lead a purpose-full life. We will be inventing a possibility for our lives worth living for and leading from.

We’ll do this through:

Day 2 - Identify Roadblocks January 19, 2024

Value: $2,497

Day 2 is the heavy lifting day. We will look at the possibility of living an invented, intentional life. Moreover, we’ll identify and understand the barriers to our peace, joy, and ease along our path of leadership and life fulfillment.

We’ll do this through:

Day 3 - Map a Life of Intent January 20, 2024

Value: $2,497

Once we know what we want and we’ve gained a deep level of awareness for what stops us from living it, we, together with the support of our coaches and small groups, chart our path of leadership and personal success.

We will shape our course of action by:

Day 4 - Whole Life Integration January 21, 2024

Value: $2,497

Our fourth day of the retreat is when we put all the learnings together and you create your inspiring future, enroll your community of women leaders and pave the path of a life you love.

This day is filled with courageous love, generosity and activities that integrate your learning.

Plus, You’ll Receive These Special Gifts When You Register Today…

When You Join Us Today, You Will Receive...



Day - 1 Focus on Fulfillment -
January 18, 2024


Day - 2 Identify Roadblocks -
January 19, 2024


Day - 3 Map a Life of Intent -
January 20, 2024


Day 4 - Whole Life Integration
January 21, 2024


5 - Bonus Gifts: Paint Kit, Retraining Your Brain & Response Agility.


About Westerbeke Ranch, A Place To Connect, To Create, And To Learn

However you get here, the essence of the place lingers with you long after you leave. Whether you come to work, to celebrate, or simply to relax, the grace and warmth of the Westerbeke Ranch gets inside of you. Walking the garden paths, warming your hands in front of the crackling “walk-in” stone fireplace, lounging on the lawn around the sapphire pool, or finishing up another scrumptious meal with some extraordinary chocolate mousse dessert, you might hear yourself think, “I could get used to this.”

We suggest that you do. Find your way home to the Westerbeke Ranch.

All three wonderful meals a day are organic. Westerbeck is known for his organic healthy, delicious meals a beautiful, a country setting that has been the container for over 30 years of transformation training and development.

Take a tour of Westerbeke Ranch

“I’m ready to start my Transformational Journey in 2024!”

(Total Value: $10,876)

Your Special Black Friday Price: $1,999​ Until November 27th, 2023!

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More Flexible




“I recently attended KeenAlignment’s Ignite Power: Leadership Retreat. The event was intense and impactful. Magi and Hanna were amazing at leading a diverse group. The experience provided insight and new tools for my leadership toolbox. The level of engagement was extraordinary – everyone found their “inner voice” and showed that in just 2.5 days, that they were transformed into leaders. I would highly recommend KeenAlignment for workforce development.”

~ Francesca Dunbar

“Participating in the Ignite Power retreat was one of the most impactful experiences I have gotten the pleasure of having. I learned so much about who I am as a woman and leader and got to learn from a group of extraordinary women. It gave me a path forward on how I wanted to show up to others in my life at work and home and gave me a better understanding of how to make that happen. 10/10 would recommend.”

~ Jenny Landon

“This is a one-of-a-kind course that I had been looking for but couldn’t find in the market of professional and personal development. It covers all aspects integral to being a woman – leadership, human development, self-care, self-expression, our feminine and masculine traits, and most importantly, a vision for living. The course is brilliantly and thoughtfully constructed. I could take it again and get another level of insight. KeenAlignment’s commitment to transforming the workplace for both men and women shines through this active and engaging course.”

~ Alane Watkins

Many Have Empowered Their Personal and Professional Growth by Experiencing the Ignite Your Power Leadership Retreat…

Will You Be Next?

Break through your limiting beliefs and choose a new way of being and leading.

Be guided to reach high levels of personal achievement while simultaneously living in a state of peace, freedom, and joy.

Harness your innate leadership power to create a more joyful life at home and at work.

“I’m ready to start my Transformational Journey in 2024!”

(Total Value: $10,876)

Your Special Black Friday Price: $1,999​ Until November 27th, 2023!

More Flexible



More Flexible




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Margaret “Magi” Graziano

KeenAlignment Founder and CEO

Named one of Silicon Valley’s Top 100 Women Leaders, Magi Graziano has spent more than 25 years helping individuals and teams recognize their hidden talents and unlock their full potential. A recognized expert in organizational transformation, her groundbreaking work has touched the lives of thousands of women and men throughout North America.

Pioneering the leading edge of Leadership Training, Organizational Culture, and Strategic People Operations, Magi brings decades of experience in unlocking the wealth of talent, human spirit, and capacity in organizations, as well as methods that increase employee performance, ignite passion in teams, and deliver up to 10x return on program investment. As a result, she has proven success in transforming organizational culture, with more than 25,000 lives impacted.

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Although Ignite Power 2024 is for women only, Keen Alignment offers many powerful courses for men too, including: Awaken the Leader Within & more!

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